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Marketing Services for Recovery Centers & Sober Living Facilities

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How we can help you?

Staying sober is one of the strongest obstacles facing individuals who have successfully undergone treatment and rehab.

Detox centers help addicts recover from their addiction through a variety of regimented treatment programs that cater to individual needs and requirements.

Even after initial rehabilitation, life doesn’t just magically go back to normal for addicts. Lasting recovery is often a huge challenge for someone who has freshly gone through detox treatments and rehab programs. Returning home and back to the same circumstances they left behind is not at all an easy undertaking. There are many factors working against them and making long term abstinence nearly impossible. This is where detox centers and sober living comes into play.

Sober living facilities help addicts recover from their addiction and prevent them from slipping back into old habits by offering co-living facilities with other recovering addicts who are all on the same new journey towards long term sobriety.

Irrespective of where your center located and how you help an addict get back to normal life, we’re here to help you reach a wider audience and help as many individuals as possible. Our specialized SEO and PPC services for detox centers, rehab facilities, out-patient treatment centers and sober livings help you fill your vacancies. Call us now to learn more at (818) 675-8313.


What we do

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More about Sober Living and Rehab SEO

Being found on web searches for important terms in your industry is the best way to attract residents that really need your help. Our sober living and rehab center SEO services optimize your web presence so your website comes up when people search for terms such as sober livings near me, private sober living homes, rehab centers near me, and other relevant searches.

Sober Living and Rehab PPC

The advantage of of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is that you are paying for a tangible result, such as a click to your website. If no-one sees your ad, you pay nothing. At TekstarDesign, we’ll design and run your ads on search engines in such a way as to maximize your ROI while keeping your spend at optimum levels. Although this may sound fairly straightforward and easy, sober living and rehab center PPC is one of the most demanding segments in the PPC space because of Google’s crackdown on low quality healthcare websites. If you need help generating great results for your website, contact us today at (818) 675-8313.


I really enjoyed the whole project process. The team delivered an SEO plan and executed on that vision. The results speak for themselves. Will definitely recommend!


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